The Town of Goderich, founded in 1827 by William ‘Tiger’ Dunlop, rests on the shore of Lake Huron. With a population of just over 7,500 residents, Goderich is a vibrant cultural and business hub, fusing the leading financial drivers of industry, agriculture, and tourism into a cohesive, thriving economy.

Covering an area of  about 8 square kilometres, the Town of Goderich, called the ‘Prettiest Town in Canada’, is well-loved for its scenic beauty, cultural events, and historic landmarks.

The town core, known as ‘the square’, is actually octagonal in shape and features a traffic circle, a well-known characteristic of the town. The county courthouse sits at the centre of the square amid newly replanted trees and gardens.

The largest industry in Goderich is the Sifto Salt Mine, located at the Goderich harbour. The salt mine extends for many kilometres beneath Lake Huron. Many industrial, commercial, and business enterprises call the progressive, busy Town of Goderich home.

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