Agriculture is one of the largest and most important sectors within Huron County – and based on number of farms, acres of farmland and gross farm receipts, continues to be the most agriculturally productive county in Ontario.

Huron County has a long history of successful agricultural development. With changes in crops and niche markets, the business of agriculture in the County is committed to strategic initiatives – and welcoming new business creation and specialization. New employment and economic opportunities can also be found directly and indirectly relating to the development of agriculture and agri-related industries.

Opportunities are being developed in Huron County for the production of niche crops and products for specialty markets. Following growing consumer trends, the County also has an exciting vision to support the development and expansion of agricultural initiatives, including co-operatives and community-based agricultural activities.

The “Buy Local-Buy Fresh” initiatives that have captured the appetite of consumers are being integrated into the ongoing practices of the local agricultural sector, giving rise to an increasingly successful niche market for local specialty food production and refinement. This is resulting in strong network development between local restaurants and food markets and suppliers.

Because of the significant role agriculture has played in the region, there is an important and longstanding place for agricultural initiatives with regard to environmental stewardship. In a similar vein, there are developing opportunities with on-farm energy – solar, wind and biofuels – that give new businesses a chance to take a leadership role in energy conservation and manufacturing.

With some of the best farmland in Canada, strong conventional livestock and cash crop operations – as well as orchards, greenhouses and nurseries – agricultural entrepreneurs will find a place to grow in Huron County. Your agri-business will find resources that include: networking organizations and events, crop specialty advisors, planting, harvesting and crop management; equipment sales and maintenance; human resources co-ordination, financial services and more.

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