A wide range of economic activities are included in the definition of ‘creative industries’ from our perspective, based on the focus on generating knowledge and information – from innovations in design and manufacturing process and equipment, architecture, film, music, research and development, software creation to advertising and information handling services and electronic publishing. Within the county the creative industry sector will find fast, reliable and affordable broadband services.

Huron County has a growing list of knowledge businesses and offers room for the continued expansion of this 21st century sector. We know that quality of life plays an important role in the selection of locations to establish a creative industry. We can attest to the exceptional quality of life that this county offers to creative entrepreneurs – access to recreation, opportunities to‘re-purpose’ heritage buildings in communities with active arts and cultural organizations. Welcoming countryside and coastline communities, time and room to pursue recreation, arts and cultural passions proves to be a winning mix for our creative industry entrepreneurs.

For more information on Huron County’s creative industries, please visit: www.creativehuron.ca

Additional creative resources are available at: www.creativecity.ca