Manufacturing in Huron County is an integral and robust pillar of our economy. – From foundries, aircraft refinishing, wood and metal fabrication, modular homes, high-tech machine shops to ice sculpture manufacturing – the diversity of Huron County manufacturers and industry remains as a major strength.

Agricultural and resource based processing also remains a strong aspect of the manufacturing industry in Huron County. The Sifto Salt Mine located in Goderich is the largest salt mine in the world – and well established food and feed processors such as Hayter’s Farm in Dashwood, Kenpal Farm Products, Hensall District Co-op – all contribute to this important aspect of the County’s manufacturing base. Existing and emerging niche food processors are also leading the way with the development of new economic opportunities and markets.

The communities of Huron County provide locations for expanding manufacturing: serviced industrial lands and easy access to highway corridors leading to Southwestern Ontario centres in London, Kitchener-Waterloo and Sarnia – home to a major U.S. border crossing and shipping centre. Access to affordable industrial land and operating costs supports the expansion and attraction of manufacturing operations.

Huron County’s is also home to a skilled, highly valued workforce that will meet the needs of an expanding manufacturing sector in this region of Southwestern Ontario. Huron County’s established manufacturing businesses have established themselves and are eager to welcome new associates to this area, with affordable land, services for businesses and entrepreneurs – along with the required infrastructure and a life-style that is second to none.

Economic Development Services works in partnership with the Huron Manufacturing Association to further develop, build and promote the manufacturing industry in Huron County. Opportunities for new business development in food processing and the renewable energy sector are under development and will lead to further growth.

With the Port of Goderich’s deep water harbour, an exceptional County roads system and nearby rail lines, Huron County provides a strong foundation for building your manufacturing business. Along with supportive business organizations, creating a network of strategic alliances and partnerships will enhance investment in manufacturing in the region.

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