The Huron Small Business Enterprise Centre (SBEC) is a partnership between the County of Huron, the Province of Ontario and the Huron Business Development Corporation.

The SBEC is committed to improving the economic well-being of Huron County through the growth and expansion of small local business ventures. The Centre with its many services adds to the strengths of Huron County’s business environment making our county an attractive place to live, work and operate a small business.

The Huron Small Business Enterprise Centre (SBEC) is located in Seaforth at the Huron Business Centre. The SBEC offers support to entrepreneurs through the early stages of business development, as well as providing advice and support to existing business owners.

Here’s how we can help you and your business:

Information – A well-stocked Business resource library, public access computers and knowledgeable staff provide information on government grants, loans and services, employee issues, market research data and networking opportunities. The SBEC is a one-stop source for the most up-to-date and relevant business information about Huron County.

Advice – The SBEC has experienced professional staff who can answer your questions on general business practices, taxation and employment regulations, business start-up loans, writing a business plan, developing a marketing strategy, copyrights, patents and trademarks, sourcing suppliers, new product development and even the most up-to-date information on exporting.

Assistance – The SBEC helps you expand, re-organize or just improve your business. Staff can guide and support you through your business planning, including market research and financial forecasting, identify and connect you with potential funders, help you network with other businesses, and link you to available educational and training resources throughout the County.

The SBEC is recognized for its long-running Better Business Seminar series; providing monthly opportunities to further your entrepreneurial skills and learn to manage your small business for more growth and higher profits. Programs, including the Summer Company, provide incentives for entrepreneurship by local youth.

To discover what Huron County and the SBEC has to offer you, make an appointment, or to see if you qualify for the Self Employment Benefit program, please contact:

Huron Small Business Enterprise Centre

138 Main St. S, Seaforth, ON  N0K 1W0
Phone: (519) 527-0305, Ext: 35

Fax: (519) 527-2240