Quality of life, the product of the interplay of factors such as economy and employment, housing, education, environment, health, community, and personal safety, is an important part of choosing where to live and where to start a business.

In Huron County you will find a unique combination of urban amenities and a friendly, rural lifestyle that makes this area the perfect place for business and family. Huron County offers a strong economy, a low cost of living, numerous career and business opportunities, and a healthy lifestyle all within a setting of exceptional charm and natural beauty.

Lifestyle Overview

Huron County’s countryside is a patchwork quilt of rich farmland, charming communities that boast broad main streets, tree-lined side streets and well-preserved Victorian-era commercial and domestic architecture. With a coastline that stretches 110 km the County offers a shoreline experience for residents with public beaches, marinas and the historic deep-water harbour of Goderich for boating. Huron County’s towns and villages offer an eclectic mix of housing styles from heritage to modern with interesting retail streetscapes.

With museums, a dynamic library system, community and professional theatre – Blyth Centre for the Arts is Canada’s storyteller on stage – celebrations like the annual Celtic Festival, live music performances in unique venues, art galleries and artists’ studios, unmatched hiking and cycling trails and routes, parks that green every community – Huron County can proudly boast about our year round activities and celebrations that have won the attention of visitors from all over the world.

The County’s education system provides an enriched education and services for life-long learners too. Growing roots in Huron County is an appealing way to enjoy family life and finding a manageable work-life balance. Getting involved in sports, leisure, learning, arts, culture, heritage, history, business and professional organizations is an excellent way to build a network for newcomers to Huron County. Before long new residents and business owners will have created a support system that will help to assure a healthy relationship with a diverse community of associates and friends.

Unique Location

With more than 110 kilometres of golden lakeshore stretching along the west coast of Huron County, the appeal of countryside and coastline locations is hard to resist. Huron County’s communities bustle with commerce and cultural experiences. Residents and visitors can make their choice of lifestyle, taking advantage of active outdoor recreation and indoor activities, as well as an amazing array of arts, heritage and cultural sites and celebrations, all at hand in town or just down the road.

Communities founded for commerce – as lake ports and rail junctions — now boast marinas and main streets that preserve Victorian-era commercial blocks that host shops and boutiques, dining and services. The lakeshore continues to welcome visitors who relish the uncrowded natural settings. The charming communities offer retail entrepreneurs a chance to set up shop in unique locations joining a growing network of independent business owners.

Visitors and businesses can reach the boundaries of Huron County within an easy drive:

Travel Times :

Stratford – 20 min.

Kitchener-Waterloo – 35 min.

London – 30 min.

Sarnia – 30 min.

Toronto – 2.5 hours

Windsor/Detroit – 2 hours

Climate and Weather

The climate of Southern Ontario and Huron County can be considered one of the mildest of any region in Canada because of the moderating effects of Lake Huron expanse of open water. Summers in Huron County are beautiful with warm to hot weather. Fall is a favourite season with residents and visitors alike, with sun-filled days and cool temperatures at night. Winter snows can come early and brisker weather can last from three to five months. Spring ushers in a brief period of rains, winds and melting snow and seems only a short transition from the cold to wonderful summer months. Lake Huron has a great impact on the weather patterns throughout each season, with lake effect snow in winter, spectacular electrical storms out over the lake and moderating temperatures during the rest of the seasons.

Nature and Environment

Huron County’s natural heritage is an integral and preserved part of the landscape. There are more than thirty established conservation area, community parks, forests, swamps and wildlife areas – more than enough to satisfy nature lovers who want to explore unique natural locations.

Hiking, cycling and cross-country ski trails lead explorers along to sites for picnics, fishing and bird watching too. Huron County’s natural areas are accessible by road and tracks, with parking and other services usually available at entrance gates. There is growing network of cross-county trail associations, groups and inter-connected systems as well as conservation authorities working with the agricultural sector in the region.

A variety of trail organizations offers printed and online brochures with detailed maps, welcoming visitors to discover their own favourite locations for year round outdoor explorations, offering an uncrowded and unhurried experience.

For more information on many of Huron County’s natural experiences please visit: ontarioswestcoast.ca

Additional natural experiences can also be discovered at: abca.on.ca mvca.on.ca maitlandtrail.ca

Culture and Arts

Arts, culture, history and heritage are all celebrated in our creative County! Huron County strives to support an environment and culture that ensures that arts, culture, history and heritage play a strong role in place-making, community building, tourism and economic development.

From passionate beginners and recreational artisans to professional artists, Huron County has become home to creative community builders. The activities, events and celebrations developed by arts, culture, history and heritage organizations and creative individuals enrich the lives of residents, enhance the tourism experience and form a vital thread in the fabric of Huron County’s communities.

Organizations and individuals located throughout Huron County are committed to fostering casual, classical, traditional and emerging forms of artistic expression and experiences, offering an amazing diversity to savour year round. There are community partners and networks for artists and organizations in Huron County and ample space and time to develop new events and locations.

Theatre, music and live performances, museums, galleries, studios, workshops and seminars, exhibition spaces, celebrations and festivals – there is a dizzying array of experiences along with a calendar of events to keep every arts, heritage and culture supporter busy every month in every season. For more information on Huron County’s cultural and arts experience, please visit: heritageandculture.on.ca ontarioswestcoast.ca

Recreation and Leisure

Entertaining, satisfying, interesting, diverting – and capable of sustaining enjoyment for an individual, family or group of friends: that would be a way of defining recreation and leisure activities in Huron County.

What’s your pleasure? Consider an afternoon at the art museum recreation, or group and individual sports as a much more accurate expression of a pleasant leisure activity? You’ll find a wide range of leisure and recreational centres and organizations in Huron County in every community. Amateur sports for all ages are hosted in arenas and recreation centres and links to sports organizations are found online with contact information as well as calendars of events. Arts, heritage, history and cultural organizations and associations are eager to welcome new associates and offer a life-long learning experience for members. Geo-caching opportunities, cycling, hiking, fishing, golfing, hunting, boating and water sports, camping, horse-back riding, snowmobiling, bird-watching, ATV-ing: the list grows each year as new activities become available. Just sitting on any one of the wonderful beaches along the shoreline may be enough recreation for many and worthy as a leisure activity. Huron County knows how to be relaxed and rural, with an unhurried pace and ample time to savour the shoreline or the rural vistas.


Shopping in Huron County is an experience like no other. The retail sector is one of Huron’s strongest economic supports: Huron County has something to offer discerning shoppers no matter what your interest.

Whether you’re searching for clothes for your toddler or for yourself, antique furniture for your cottage, a piece of art to decorate your office, a really great deal at a local consignment shop or at a vehicle merchant, it’s all here in Huron.

With a wide variety of speciality stores, boutiques, and antique shops, and picturesque retail locations, shopping is best described as eclectic and enjoyable. From Exeter to Wingham, from Seaforth to Goderich, and all the little stops and along-the-way shops in between, if shopping is your hobby and finding the best deal your passion, Huron County offers something just for you.

Just a small number of Huron’s shopping options: farm and vendor markets, artisans and art studios, nurseries and garden fare, antiques and specialty shops.

We suggest you visit Shop In Huron and Ontario’s West Coast for more information on shopping in Huron County.


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